Gina Ochsner has been publishing, speaking and teaching for over seventeen years. She speaks at universities, retreats, conferences, schools, and book clubs on various topics related to writing, the writer’s life, cultivating creativity, and the intersection of art and faith.. She can be contacted directly through e-mail to schedule an appearance. A sampling of her topics include:

  • Priming the Pump For Creativity: ten tried and true exercises—how they work and why
  • The annual Riga cell-Phone Toss, Why Cats Are in Every Way Superior to Dogs, Jokes Estonians tell About Latvians and Latvians Tell About Estonians and 17 Other Essential Things I Learned While Researching a Novel-in-Progress
  • Flash Fiction: When Short Isn’t Shallow
  • Writing on Faith, Writing In Faith
  • Lovely Bones: The Architecture of a Story
  • Why I Still Believe in God
  • Magic Realism: When Asses Speak and Fools Rush in Where Angels Fear to Tread
  • Threshing Common Ground: Poetry and Prose: Prose poetry